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Why I Love Mckay/Sheppard

There's never been a fandom and couple that I've fallen for harder or faster than SGA and McKay/Sheppard.  They are what's finally pulled me completely our of lurkerdom and I think it's time I acknowledge that.  Below is a partial list of reasons I love McKay/Sheppard.

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In no particular order.

Because sometimes they start backwards and have the family before the relationship.

Because at least three times the fiction has anticipated the show.

Because sometimes the aliens make them do it.

Because sometimes the aliens want them to do it, but they can't.

Because sometimes  the aliens make them not do it.

Bedause sometimes they make the aliens do it.

Because even without their memories they're still somehow themsleves.

Because even as psychopaths they're still somehow themselves.

Because somehow wings and tentacles can be made to work.

Because sometimes Rodney didn't go to Atlantis and sometimes John didn't go, but thry still manage to get together.

Because sometimes John is the scientist and sometimes they both are.

Because sometimes they take road trips in the present and the past.

Because sometimes John survives Rodney and sometimes Rodney survives John and sometimes they survive each other.

Because sometimes there are accidental orgies.

Because sometimes Rodney's the virgin and sometimes John's the virgin.

Because sometimes John's the ninja and sometimes Rodney's the ninja and sometimes the ninjas are just toys.

Because of the most obvious explanation of tribbles ever.

Because of never being able to think about gingerbread cookies the same way again.

Because of the penguins.

Because "Being a dolphin shouldn't be legal."

Because "I'm just glad the unicorns are okay."

Because a hypoglycemic and a diabetic are a match just waiting to happen.

Because Rodney wants a mail-order bride and John needs a convenient husband.

Because sometimes Jeannie's Sleeping Beauty and sometimes Rodney's Sleeping Beauty.

Because sometimes Rodney handles it better than John and sometimes John handles it better than Rodney

Because sometimes they break up and then date.

Because sometimes they visit Rodney's family and sometimes they visit John's.

Because of the classical music and the football.

Because John makes the best trophy husband ever.

Because  this is just the description of the story.

Because of learning from and about alien tea ceremonies.

Because sometimes warped combinations of buddy show and Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mysteries is just whats needed.

Because sometimes Rodney wears women's clothing and sometimes John does.

Because  Rodney describes John's anatomy and writes him a concerto.

Because  Rodney has to borrow John's clothes.

Because of getting to learn about verbs.

Because of John cockblocking Rodney.

Because their lives compare, contrast, paralles, and intersect in fascinationg ways.

Because of course Rodney's allergic to birds.

Because who knew watching hockey could be that much fun.

Because "Whatever you say, Rodney." is the perfect way to say "I love you."

Because sometimes John's the one with the allergic reaction.

Because sometimes John and Rodney are at Caltech, Berkeley, or Trinity.

Because Rodney horribe at faking dumbness, but John is great at being a princess.

Because sometimes Rodney did continue with the music.

Because sometimes John's the spy and sometimes Rodney's the spy.

Because John lights up Rodney's life.

Because Rodney dedicated a book to John.

Because Rodney watchesJohn, John watches Rodney, and finally they watch each other.

Because they take trips inside each others head.

Because John likes to solve jigsaw puzzles.

There are many more reasons, but I think these are enough for now.
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